Printing plants on fabric

Putting pesky weeds to work!

Did you know that pesky weeds can be used to make beautiful Eco Prints?


Imagine using weeds and leaves for 

fabulous prints on both silk and linen fabrics?  


Intriguing results are EASY to do 

with the right formulas.

Work at your own pace, with your own plants and studio supplies.  This is a self paced study program in which you have access for 4 months.  This is sufficient time to work and to learn!  

A private Facebook page is set aside to share photos 

The class is structured to make small samples as you learn the process.  Once skills are mastered other larger works are possible. 

You will learn to embellish your prints by making foam stamps and how to mix natural dye print paste.  The possibilites are endless.

Imagine making modern works of art for your next sewing project!

Imagine you creating your own unique art!


Are you ready to learn these magical formulas?


Are you ready to discover the beauty of Weeds and Leaves?


Course curriculum

  • 1

    Before we begin

    • Making the Basic Bundle

    • Hot Steam Bundles with Turkey Roaster - You Tube

  • 2


    • Welcome to Weeds and Leaves

    • Agenda

    • Safety

    • Basic Supplies

    • Supply List

  • 3

    First Project

    • First Project information

    • First Project

    • Shift the pH

    • Shifting the pH

    • Tannins

    • Tips and Tricks

  • 4

    Second Project

    • Second Project

    • Prints on Linen

    • Make Foam Stamps

    • Supplies for Making Foam Stamps

    • How to make foam stamps

    • Linen and Flowers

  • 5

    Third project

    • Third lesson plus bonus

    • Silk with cotton blanket

    • Mixing up the processes!

    • Mixing Print paste

    • Making Print Paste

    • Dye extraction of Osage Orange

  • 6

    Modern Approach

    • Putting it all together

    • Putting it all together

    • Surface Design

    • How to steam set the dyes

What my student say about this course

Patricia M

I have learned more in your courses over the past year than I did in 5 years researching and watching YouTube on my own! I really appreciate your very clear teaching style and the length of your videos. You never waste our time and everything you teach is done in an orderly manner that builds from one necessary topic to the next.

Susan B

I have enjoyed learning with Kathy Hays. She demonstrates methods step-by-step and then summarizes them in PDF format so I have a printed reference to keep. The private Facebook group has been a good way to interact with Kathy and my fellow students. I could ask questions and get an answer from Kathy the same day. I've grown in both skills and understanding.

Wendy M

Before taking Kathy Hays’s classes I was always getting poor results in my prints because I didn’t really understand what I was doing. Her classes gave me an excellent foundation of knowledge and understanding of how eco printing works which aided me to successful printing. I still have to experiment with plant material and various techniques to achieve the prints I am looking for but know I know the why I am doing what I am doing. Kathy’s instructions are clear and step by step, designed not to overwhelmed students but to empower them to enjoy and achieve their own uniques signature in eco printing.